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One thing you might try is to get the DOT number off the tail light, it should be molded into the lens.  Do a search using the number and you should get hits on the tail light, find some pictures of it and see if you can determine what other vehicles it might fit, then do a search on how to change a bulb. 

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1 hour ago, Ron Riemar said:

thanks, I didnt even know you could do that! much appreciated. 

BTW….do NOT get fooled.  If you get the DOT number and then find out it came from, say, a 1959 Edsel…..  THEN, when you google 1959 Edsel taillight…there may find (probably is) an Amazon vendor with one at HALF the price as the others.  Look carefully.  In that listing, you will NOT find the DOT listing or certification.

We have had several topics where the “origin” or was used in a 20XX vehicle was used and do NOT have a DOT stamped or molded DOT number. The taillight usually failed quickly and folks were upset.  Once the differences, as in the DOT stamped taillight has to meet tougher UV and such criteria was discussed, the DOT certed replacements seem to last longer.

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