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Maytag Washer MAH2400AWW Door Lock Switch


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Not sure on a Maytag, assume you've got the combination washer and dryer. 

I've worked on 3 or 4 different washers over the last 10 years.  What I do is go to one of the parts sites and find the part number to what you are working on.  Need the model number https://www.maytag.com/services/replacement-parts.html

Then do a general search on how to replace the part, you find YouTube video's on how to change it BUT have to make sure it is the right one.   Watch multiple videos until you are confident it is the right washer and the right part.  If you washer is not working at all you take it apart to confirm the part number. 

If you post the model number I might be able to help in you search.


This month I had to pull our Whirlpool washer apart to change the tube driver mechanism, the tub was leaking from the bottom, seals were gone.  I watched a bunch of videos as there were 3 or 4 different versions of the washer and all were different.  Finally found one with the right drive, ordered the parts and took it apart.   Most of the videos make it look easy.  I could not get the cover off the agitator and ultimately broke it and had to buy a new one.  Finally got the tub out and moved on to removing the rotor and stater.  I could not get the rotor off the shaft.  Wiggled it back and forth and started to pry gently and SNAP, broke the spine out of the rotor, had to order that.  I did get a good deal on the drive which barely made up for the other two parts, ended up costing me ~$225 to repair it.  Better then having to buy a new one. 

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I'd try a couple simple things first.  Easiest is completely removing power from the unit for a couple minutes either by unplugging it or the breaker.  Probably won't help but a power reset & reboot can sometimes help.  Next I would unplug the cable from the control unit to the latch and clean any possible corrosion from the connections on both ends ... sometimes a simple reseat of connections can cure communication issues.  Then I'd go deeper into testing the lock and/or replace it.

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