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Rear Brakes and Rotors needed

Keith Russell

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I have a 2002 Monaco 45 Signature with the Roadster chassis 1RF12071021015861, model R-4700S.  When we replaced all the air bags and had rear tires off we realized that the rear rotors have cracks that go all the way thru the rotor.  The shop I took it to is unable to find a part number for the rotors and pads for this unit.  Any help is finding this info?

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Monaco used Bendix disc brakes.  Up until 2005 they were Bendix ESD-225 brakes.   The ESD use a bolt to hold in the pad retainer and the ADB use a pin.  That's the easy way to tell them apart.  The rear rotors may be Webb 26741XM7T, but you’ll have to confirm.

These brakes are used on several different heavy-duty vehicles so you should be able to find parts.  

From the Benix manual:  For standard Bendix rotors, cracks running in a radial direction — like spokes of a wheel (see Area H) — less than 0.06 in. (1.5 mm) deep or wide are acceptable if they do not reach either edge (see G). Cracks are only acceptable if the length of the crack is less than 75% of dimension “f” (the width of the rotor contact area).

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