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Files Upload Challenge (You *KNOW* you have them 😉)

Scotty Hutto

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One of the really valuable parts of this website is our files section. How many of you have a “stash” of files - many specific to your coach - that might really help someone out?

How often have you needed a particular document and found out that another member has it (but it’s not available on the site?)

As our Monaco-brand coaches age, and with the dwindling tech support from REV for non-REV coaches, it becomes more critical that we share these files in a central repository.  Bill D’s Monacoers has always been a go-to, and it is my hope we can increase the value of our site over time for all Monaco-brand coach owners.

I’m issuing a challenge to all of our members to take a little time and share your stash of files with the group! (Frank - who manages the Downloads section - is gonna kill me!)

First, a few rules...

- Please do not upload files that are  *property* of other sites. We ask people not to upload our Parts List to other sites, and we should have that same level of respect for other sites. 

- Please try to name the file something the moderators can interpret.  “2006 Monaco Diplomat Owners Manual.pdf” is great, we know what that is!!  “D50699238476.pdf” is not so understandable.... 😂 Likewise, a good description really helps us understand what the file is and where to put it so it can be found easily...

- Monaco/Beaver/Holiday Rambler/Safari owners manuals, wiring diagrams, plumbing & piping diagrams, etc. from Monaco and it’s predecessors are particularly needed, since those are no longer available from REV and becoming difficult to find.

- Ditto those same files for components (generators, aqua-hot, inverters, etc.), as many are no longer published or available from the OEM. 

- We LOVE anything that you have authored and are willing to share bout your coach! How-to documents, White papers, etc...

How to upload:

- Click on Browse | Downloads and click on the “Submit a File” button in the upper right hand corner.

Thanks everyone! Let’s continue to keep this site as a great reference tool for Monaco, Beaver, Holiday Rambler, and Safari owners!


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To add to Scotty's note. 

Please look at examples already in the files section for naming and categories for where similar file topics are stored (typically the file type .pdf, .doc etc. are not included in the file name).  Also check for duplicates on files already uploaded.  Don't worry too much if you don't get the name or description format right.  It is very easy for me to make edits when approving the files.

File uploads are moderated so they won't appear as soon as they are uploaded.  This helps keep the files organized which actually makes my life easier!

There have been cases when say on owners manuals, you might have a separate pdf file for each section.  If you don't have the software to combine the sections just upload each section separately and I'll combine them into one file and store the new file under your name.

If you have a case like I had with 2008 Dynasty 250+ separate files for wiring diagrams, you can do a block upload under one name.  just select the first file to start the process and then you will see another option to add additional files as a block you can drag and drop.

If you have any questions in how to upload files, please let me know.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I want to Thank everyone over the past few weeks that have taken the time to upload new files.  There is a growing wealth of new information that helps to keep our coaches rolling down the road.

New file uploads are now included in the daily digests.

When you first open the Downloads tab under Browse, you will see the latest 14 newest files uploaded, the top 9 highest rated files and the top 14 with the highest number of downloads.  

I see some new files are very popular - keep the uploads coming. 

Don't worry if you don't get all the information in terms of title, description, and category exactly right.  All uploads are moderated and I'll fix it (even add a screen shoot) before approving for the group to see.

I'm always open to suggestions to improve how our files are organized and please let me know if you see errors.

Frank McElroy

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I thought it would be good to give another status update on Downloads (Files).

The old Yahoo site had about 550 files.  Some of these were duplicates and they needed reorganization to make them easier to find.

When we moved to the new site, all files needed to be manually uploaded.  UGH... 

But that gave us an opportunity to review each file and slot it into a category or subcategory that made logical sense.  Also, in order for the search feature to work on the new site, many files needed to be renamed.

As of today, we have over 660 individual files uploaded to the new site.  (This file count exclude the hundreds of individual page wiring diagram files.)

The great feature of our new site allows us to group files into a single logical download.  A good example of this is the grouping of over 40 download files covering the Dana axles into one download file.

So as of today we now have over 660 individual files within about 350 downloads in Categories or sub-categories available for download from our new site.

As always, I'm always open to suggestions for improvement or correcting errors you find.

Keep the new file uploads coming!

Frank McElroy

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Hi Frank I just went through my files which I've been accumulating for my 05 Sig.

Here's what I found; checked listings, I don't think there are any duplicates but I may have missed.

  I'll be submitting them within the hour.   Let me know if any didn't come thru.

06/25/2020  05:44 PM           833,801 Aladdin Troubleshooting.pdf
05/22/2020  06:50 PM           242,740 Girard-G2000-WiringDiagram.pdf
05/21/2020  10:17 AM           116,854 Heliotrope-RV-45D-Solar-Panel-Manual.pdf
10/27/2015  08:51 AM           342,901 HWH AIR LEVELING SYSTEMS TEXT BOOK ml20635.pdf
05/12/2020  11:44 AM           323,640 HWH-AIr-Leveling-2000Series-ml25489.pdf
05/16/2005  09:29 PM           414,684 HWH-Air-Leveling-RepairManual.pdf
05/18/2020  01:43 PM         1,112,556 Monaco-2005_Signature_Air_Line_system.pdf
05/18/2020  01:42 PM        21,274,771 Monaco-2005_Signature_Wiring_Diagrams.pdf


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Rick - Thanks for the uploads.  I don't see your upload for the RV-45D Solar manual.  We have the RV-30D manual but it would be good to add the RV-45 manual.  Please try the upload again.

On the other files you uploaded, Two of the HWH file we already have but the HWH 600 Series file is new.  We also already have the Aladdin Troubleshooting file. 

An easy way to find files is to use the search feature.  Just type in a single word like Aladdin, select files under search in and you will see all files relating to the Aladdin system.

The other files you sent were modified a bit for text titles and descriptions - screen shots were added.  Take a look at the Downloads What's New screen and your uploads will show up as the latest 3 new files.

Thanks for these new files.


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