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Bay Heater works great....now

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After purchasing our Monaco 43 DFT in Feb 2022 we begin the process of going through it and repairing everything. It was in good shape overall but every system needed servicing and attention. We found out quickly during the first month that the bay heater near the water/sewer controls worked but did not produce heat. After a little research on this web site I found the related topics and repair articles. They were VERY helpful. I used the parts listed to repair mine as stated in the repair article concerning the bay heaters. Thank you to all who did the research, testing and publishing that helped me and I'm sure countless other users keep our coaches on the road and functioning many times better than factory new.

PS..Our three days of winter in Alabama are almost over and my bay heater has worked flawlessly as intended. 




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Use the SEARCH Function or Box in the upper RIGHT.  use HEATER as the search word.  Then click on EVERYWHERE.  Use FILES as that is where the Technical Papers and Fixes lives. Click on the Cargo Heater one....Then you will get this....  Scroll down below the link for some more information on HOW TO SEARCH....really cool and neat function....

You CAN use multiple words as well...  For Example...if you had a Transmission Overheating... you can use Transmission or Allison and Heating or Temperature or Overheating.  Then select TOPICS.  You will get a LIST of every topic that had your two Key Words in it....

Folks are amazed at what they can find.

This is ALSO required BEFORE you start a new post...


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