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2006 Executive Owners Manual

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18 minutes ago, Venturer said:

I have the manual on my computer which is handy. However, being old school, I would like to have a hard copy. Does anyone still publish one for our 06 Executive?   

If you don't have a printer to print your own copy, Staples can print it from a PDF file.  At $0.20 per page not cheap but it's an option.

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I have both hard and electronic copies of my manual.  The hard copy does allow to add notes and I can flip between sections and pages easier.  However, since I learned about the search function of the pdf file, CTRL F, I have found that the electronic copy makes it really easy to find a specific topic(s)/word(s) that I may not remember what page it is on and it is not in the index.   For example, if I searched on "tire pressure" I can quickly read through every section the manual has to say about "tire pressure."

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