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What model kwikee step in a 1995 executive

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Years ago I replaced our single step with the following, of course the price is from the good old days. Exact match for mounts. The step itself meassures 24", at the yellow line, edge to edge.


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Measure the step side to side. Then contact Lippert, they will be happy to sell you a new controller. They do not come cheap but is better than the whole step plus controller. Make sure that you get the magnetic micro switch for the controller as the new one needs the correct switch.

Alternatively, you can try the salvage yards to see if you can get an old or new controller (again with the micro switch).

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Lippert has a online course that will help you with what steps you have. If you can find the serial number on the underside take the 3rd & 4th number. That is your Step Series model. 
Take the courses offered by Lippert, they are really good. I learned a lot about the steps course. 

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