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Entry Step Well

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The stairs right inside the door...is that well insulated or is it just a piece of metal? There isn't any stair lights and i want to put some in but i don't want to cut 1.5" holes if it is just a piece of metal. I don't even want to drill an exploratory hole to see. If it is just the one piece, i am thinking a 1/4" sheet of so something to cut to fit the inside and then cut holes in that and affix that to the walls of the stairs.

How have any of you handled this?


I think i figured it out...there is already something on those walls, matching ugly flooring so i will replace it with whatever i decide to do the floor with. Couldn't figure out how to delete this post, sorry.

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I redid my flooring including the step well.  Mine was covered with carpeting.  I already had step well lights. 

When they constructed the coach the step well is metal, ~1/8" thick.  It had holes cut in it and wires to the lights came from the outside.  The outside had a layer of heavy rubber glued to it, the wires ran under the rubber.  Then they sprayed foam on the outside to insulate. 

So when you remove the carpeting or covering in the step well you already have holes and maybe even wiring.  If not you can use a good hole saw to cut the correct size hole, just make sure there is nothing on the outside. 

In my case the step well light is mounted on the passenger side arm rest.  The switch is located next to salesman switch.  If you don't have wires already run you could run them up near the firewall and then into the cab near the door. 

I used this type of luck, two of them  https://www.ebay.com/itm/285512104534?itmmeta=01HTWM7ZFRJ6TRVFBBC830Y3JQ&hash=item4279d8fa56:g:GqQAAOSwb5llJniP&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA0JzPpVDlcbJ19GBlVJd%2Fy7ueJGDp2qWZsZD9K1Co1GjRR7yxn6223JR4mPmqt%2B%2BC79woKhC9OlTF5G05yD%2BFvltWIQSPCWUvPLP63jMPkJClg%2FrnCVGhkAwMzyfUAlw11zukzElrvGc4eNRgNqEga%2F7O94UakqU9be2ImPp1YGy9VMSgVIwWhHlidWih1OLZfqrdykX7fLC8RmaRtl2jlP7lqtwXFuMrilI%2FYWkRIxbbMTjpShtwKmWQAsalfjIJZY%2BIuEhiPiTc0bnxJD9Dau0%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4j4n5TXYw

Floor Step light lite.jpg

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Looks great.  Removing the carpet in my stairwell is in my near future.  My wife suggested diamond plate to replace it.  Haven't decided yet, but I'm not against it.  Where did you source your stair tread?

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You can buy this but it was the original, I just removed it and cleaned up good before putting it back in after I did the stairwell.

I used LVP Pergo from Lowes when I did the floor.  I didn't really use anything to attach it to the sides, I fit it in like a zigsaw puzzle starting at the bottom.  There was enough space to slide it in next to the door trim.  Fit each side first and then a snug fit with the toe kick using construction adhesive it to hold it in place.  Then the edge trim at the top. 

Overall it turned out pretty good but took time to do it. 

Floor Stair trim.jpg

Floor Stair trim from above.jpg

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