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Hydraulic leveling jacks, 3

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Looked for a previous discussion, no luck.

In August, 2020, my right rear jack wouldn't stay down. My knee jerk reaction was the jack was leaking, needed rebuilt. Last fall the jack failed again. Now I realize that there is no up and down on the jack itself, it's all controlled by the solenoids. Searching how the jacks work, I realized that maybe the solenoid that controls the lifting or lowering of the jack may be bad. If that solenoid is always open, there wouldn't be any lifting. There is no sign of leakage on the outside. It worked for 3 1/2 years. Any suggestions?

I just bought a quart of ACDelco automatic transmission fluid Type III (H) on Amazon. Maybe it has come back to life.

Gary 05 AMB DST

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There is a T handle at the top of the valve block.  These are there to release the jacks in case of emergency.  Not sure which jack is raising so I'd recommend lowering them all and then one by one unscrew the T handle slowly, the rig will drop so stand back out of the way.  Then tighten each one.  Sometimes the needle valve gets some contamination in the small office and it allows fluid to bypass.

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