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Fire Suppressant systems

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I have been researching systems fire suppressantsystems for the engine compartment.  I am familiar with the "Fire Fight" products but came across the Proteng system.  It looks a lot easier to install than the Fire fight product but I am a bit concerned with the 194 degree requirrement.  Does anyone know anything about it-- this is the webpage https://proteng.com/  Would appreciate any feedback anyone has about the product.


Bob L  08 dynasty 

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Bob L,

This company presented their product to Monaco International Rally in Las Vegas last spring.  It come from Europe, I think they said Germany.   They stressed their "money back" warranty.  When I asked what the warranty covered, just the cost of their product or the cost of damage due to their product not performing, they weren't sure.... had tmo check with offices in Europe.   I surmise it will cover the cost of the product only.   I could sell you a roll of toilet paper for$500, and if I sold just two, I could refund your$500 and still be$490 ahead, just playing the old you never have a fire.   They stressed that money back warranty so much... "you have nothing to lose"  -  other than my coach, if it fails.   The marketing turned me off.   That said, I have no personal experience with their products.   Just don't let the money back warranty influence your decision. 

Rick N

2005 Exec,  DD Series 60

2014 JGC Overland Diesel 

Colorado Springs, CO 

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On 12/22/2019 at 6:19 PM, Bobbyboy said:

Thanks Rick.  I was interested only because it looked easy to install in the engine room.  I have no idea if it works or is just a "gimmick"

Bob L,08 dynasty

I saw a video on Facebook taken at the Ramblers Maintenance Session demonstrating this device and frankly I was not impressed with how long it took to activate the device to extinguish the fire. Plus it was located inside a small enclosed clear container.

If you are a Facebook user and also belong to the Monaco RV Owners Group then use this search phrase "Monaco RV Owners group Proteng fire extinguisher video" it will bring up the video so you can view it and come to your own conclusion.

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