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Auto Gen start Location

Keith H.
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Can anyone tell me where my Auto Gen Start is on my 2003 Monaco Signature Centurion?  Also what it looks like and perhaps a guide on how to use it. 
I had never heard of it until today

keith H

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Ivan, so I guess my next question is where would the Xantrex inverter normally be located?  Im trying to get familiar with the electrical parts of my coach, where they are located, what are they for, etc. 

Is this pic the Inverter?





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Sorry for my ignorance but now more questions! So I have no Auto Gen start that I can program, how do I get to set the parameters for the gen to start up automatically?

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Hold UP and DOWN simultaneously until a beep and you are in the programming menu. Same to get out of it. Down to different parameters, side arrow to change them. I bet we have a manual in files. Set AGS as you like but have to set time of day to make it work. There recommended parameters in some recent  RC7GS post also but it should be quite logical. 

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Where are these buttons I hold simultaneously located? in the coach near the drivers seat or above my head in overhead compartment or ?

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Sorry, I thought you know where the display is. Mine is inside, above the fridge. Black panel with greenish display and touch buttons. Says RC7 GS on it. I'll get a pic if you don't see it.

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  • Solution

Here is a guide/manual

You need to check how the Inverter is set up based on you battery type, size and number for total amp hours available. 

Dr4Film shared how he set up his AGS with me, this might help you.  I also included an inverter manual but this is for a 2000 watt inverter, yours might be different. 

RC7-GS Remote Panel Programming

·       Search Sense              =     Defeat                                     

·       LBCO                          =     ON                                           

·       Battery Capacity        =     500 amp                                  

·       Battery Type              =     Liquid Lead Acid                      

·       Charge Rate                =     80%                                         

·       Set Shore Power         =     30 amps                                  

·       External Shunt            =     None                                       

·       Fuel gauge Cutout      =     11.8 VDC @ 0% SOC                 

·       Generator Start          =     12.0 or 12.2 VDC                            

·       Generator Stop           =     Auto Float                               

·       Generator Quiet Time =     23:59 & 00:01




You must set clock to military time for Auto Gen Start



RC7_RC-GS_Owners_Manual(975-0210-01-01_Rev-A).pdf RVSeries_2012-2512-3012-GS_Trace Owners_Manual(975-0209-01-01_Rev-A).pdf

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I will look tomorrow. A picture would be great. I’ll take a pic or two tomorrow and ask you about them. 
A little history, we bought the coach initially for my wife to live on the fam camps on the Air Force bases she was stationed. I had to be medically discharged due to finding the business end of 3 AK-47 rounds. 
My daughter made TEAM  USA Gymnastics Team and I moved to CA with her so she could train. I didnt want my wife living off base aline. Thus we bought the coach. 
we never got any type of education on the coach. I don’t think the salesman even knew what everything could do. 
Now we ar both retired and Im trying to learn all this stuff

Sorry, I just sent a message I meant to send last night. 
Is this it


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Thanks you and your wife for your service

I would suggest starting to build a database of info about your coach.  If you have the original binder/box of most of the components that's a good start, you may have a copy of the build sheet which has a list of most of the components with make/model/SN.  If you do use this to start building your file system.  Take advantage of the downland section on this site, lots of info there.

If you have questions feel free to ask but I'd start a new thread if you can't find the info, it a lot of cases it may already be addressed in another post so I'd suggest doing a search first. 

Good luck

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Thanks for your help Ivan

Great advise Jim. Thanks!  I’ll get on it

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