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Replacement penguin air on 99 signature

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We ordered a 651815HXXICO


The box has that #20200717_150848.thumb.jpg.e30d5098e3285fe6988e21a58b9829be.jpg


The board has a 75ICO


The new unit is now mounted.


I have a new ccc2 thermostat coming.


The orginal was a 4 button duo therm .


The XXICO was to be a plug and play replacement with the new ccc2 thermostat 

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18 minutes ago, jfbolkovatz said:

It should be plug and play as long as the thermostat controls only one zone. Many of the bedroom thermostats control 2 zones and require another control box.

Thank you very much jfb

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Dometic claims they programed this board to be plug and play replacing the 4 butyon duo therm with the 10 button programmable thermostat ccc2.



I have the aqua hot

This went in the front living area.

So only 1 zone on this thermostat. 


The unit has two phone jack plug s so as to relay the teo. Together in the back .if two new penguin's are added.


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