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Where to match interior wall Fabrics?

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16 minutes ago, Dr4Film said:

Chances are they are LONG gone. The best you could do is try some RV shops in the Elhart IN area to see it any one of them could help.

I doubt it though.

Google “matching replacement fabrics for monaco motor homes” or substitute safari cheetah.

Richard is right….never heard of a source.  Monaco used off shore fabric….custom ordered….used it up.  Maybe a miracle.  Call NorthWest RV SUPPLY.  They know more about where “stuff” came from.  They bought out all stuff when the factory was shut down. The sourced the “stock stuff” like switches.  Been through their “treasure hunt” warehouse….never remember bolts of fabric….that walk around was like scavenger hunt…and a week later, I needed a driver’s side complete window…mine was one they didn't have…but worth a call

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I would try eliternr.com in Oregon 

Also the old Monaco Service Center in Wildwood Fl. , which is now a Camping World Facility. Dotti, The lady in parts will know

Here is Dottie's number 352-330-3837 

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