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Replace kitchen sink

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2002 Monaco Windsor PKD. Would like to change existing 2 bowl kitchen sink to a one bowl without altering countertop.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Thank you.



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Got pics? I would think of 2 possible solutions, both would require a large sink to cover both sink holes since you want to retain the original countertop 




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Here's a site that have some typical sinks.  Not sure what size your original sink it.  If your lucky enough to find a single bowl the same size it might be possible to do an exchange.  Biggest issue may be to the location of the faucet. 

If you found a slightly larger sink you could use a trim round over bit to enlarge the existing opening. 


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You have an 'under mount' sink.  Little more tricky to install them.  And the edge detail of the solid surface (Corian), is nicely finished since it's visible.  In a home application, it always costs more to do a under mount installation.

You can remove that one and find another that will drop in from the top.  Typically called 'drop in' or 'self rimming' sinks.  You can cut the corian somewhat to make it fit as the sink will hide the edge of the corian. 

I think it would be very unlikely you can find an 'undermount' sink that will fit exactly in that opening--but worth looking into.  You need your exact sink measurements.

here's an example of self rimming sinks


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