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Aladdin Tank Sensor Reading reading crazy

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I am trying to reset my tanks but I’ve got some crazy readings. See attached. 
I am unable to access the solenoids to measure my tanks. I have no clue how to get these tanks up to date re: readings. oIMG_3320.thumb.jpeg.3e5679d5252c2409258c114a768036b0.jpeg






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Just look at the nonsense your first picture shows for raw values for Empty and Full for fresh water ( as an example ).  The raw full number is lower than the raw empty number!

Here's what I've done.

1. Empty all the tanks

2. Set the empty raw numbers from the raw numbers shown at the bottom of the first screen.  I.e if your fresh water tank is indeed empty then that 22 number is good.

3. Fill the fresh water tank to where you are happy with "full" (i.e. you might leave it just a tad lower than coming out the overflow tube...)

4. Set the raw full number from the raw number displayed for FR ( FResh water tank)

5. Check your normal display screen... It will indicate 100% and you tank capacity as you previously set.

6.  Now proceed to pump water out of the fresh water tank.  I used a 5 gallon water jug in the shower to catch and measure each 5 gallons of water I let flow into the gray tank.  If your gray tank is indeed 50 gallons then 9 fills of the water jug would put 45 gallons into the gray tank.

7. Determine what safety margin you like for your "full" condition.  I left about three gallons for me... So maybe you add a couple more gallons to your 45 in the gray tank and call 47 your comfortable "full" limit.

8. Set the "full" gray tank reading to that raw number displayed.

9. Go back to your normal display page and you'll see gray is now 100% full with 50 gallons (although you left a 3 gallon margin of safety...)

10.  Sanity check your Fresh water tank setting to see if is roughly corresponds to removing that amount of fresh water recognizing if likely reads with 10% granularity.

... Repeat for the black tank dumping measured fresh water into the toilet with the toilet flush water turned off so only your measured jug water is going in.

Hope this helps.

I also put a light pencil ✏️ mark on my fresh water tank every 10 gallons as I can visually see the level through translucent tank.

My Aladdin tank sensors serve me well.  But I also keep them clean with proper waste water tank flushing and maintenance.

Edit: By the way, make sure you are level so the water is not leaning toward or away from the Aladdin pressure sensors.

Also I've experienced the Aladdin black tank sensor is more reliable than the three capacitive stick on sensors of the Thetford Tecma Silence macerator toilet.  When those occasionally go crazy I use a Camco Tornado rotary tank rinser manually shoved into the appropriate spots for a good enema. As my toilet is a macerator I snipped off the flange and shove it up the black tank drain and let it beat around for a while catching what comes back out the drain ...  Gray and fresh water tanks never been a problem.

Also on my coach the Aladdin fresh water readings must be fairly accurate to allow filling the fresh water tank as the Aladdin automatically opens or closes the fresh water full solenoid based on 80% or 100% full status.  No manual fill valve, the only other alternative is sticking a clean hose into the gravity fill spot.


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