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PIcture of hwh 6 pack oring locations?

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All air has been drained and coach is blocked and supported on Jack stands.

Does anyone have a picture of where the three orings are located in each hwh 6 pack solenoid?

I have removed one solenoid and see 1 oring, but old eyes cant see the other 2. 

I think I read that access to one might require some disassembly. If so, is there any documentation as to how to do this?

Also should a lube be applied to the new orings?

Thanks in advance.


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Mike Canter suggests you use Dupont Viton orings. The internal oring is a -019 size, the large one on the bottom is a -028 and the small one on the bottom is a -015.

Then remove the 6-pack valves in both front and rear and rebuild them. Label all wires and air lines. It will help to have a special "pin wrench" tool and cannon plug pliers to get the valves apart.
You can rebuild them in place but it's a long reach.
Here are some links:  Air leak in chassis leveling system 

Leaking HWH Solenoid: 

These are from Mike Canter. 

Hope this helps.

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