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  1. That is why I tried to spend the night at Walmart or Sam's Club parking lots while traveling. Chuck B 2004 Windsor When traveling, that is why I tried to spend the night at Walmart or Sam's club. Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  2. I am sorry to say that there are some inconsiderate coach owners. It takes around 5 minutes to unhook the power cord, the water hose, and the sewer hose leaving them in place to go for a ride. I always complained to the park office when I encountered that issue in my travels. Chuck B 2004 Windsor Too d*** Lazy? Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  3. Cummins does not recommend running their engines while not driving for a long period of time because the engine plus the associated transmission does not reach operating temperatures. Should I mention that while running your diesel in a campground can be irritating to your neighbors. Why do you not go for a 25 one way drive? Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  4. Long in the tooth? Not me. IMOL, The only thing that will destroy the planet earth is God Himself. Chuck B 2004 Windsor OPPs, IMHO
  5. COLUMBUS, Ind. – Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) today (Oct. 14) announced that it will bring to market a 15-liter natural gas engine for heavy-duty trucks. The 15-liter natural gas engine is an important part of Cummins strategy for its path to zero emissions to go further, faster to reduce the greenhouse gas and air quality impacts of its products in a way that is best for its customers and all stakeholders, according to a release. The strategy focuses on new powertrains including advanced diesel, natural gas, hydrogen engines, hybrids, battery electric, and fuel cells along with an increased use of low carbon fuels and renewable electricity and related infrastructure. The expanding product lineup will help achieve Cummins’ PLANET 2050 environmental goals which include lowering emissions from newly sold products by 30% by 2030 and a goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, aligned with the Paris Climate Accord targets. “Cummins continues to expand our portfolio of power solutions options so customers can meet their business goals and operational objectives, while also meeting emissions standards and achieving their sustainability goals,” said Srikanth Padmanabhan, President, Engine Business, Cummins. “We believe this natural gas option is a game changer as a cost-competitive power option to existing diesel powertrains in heavy-duty trucking, making it a great complement to reduce CO2 emissions. The launch of our universal 15-liter platform for heavy-duty ensures a full range of natural gas powertrains that are available to meet the emission reduction goals of all customers and end markets. Equally exciting is that this engine is also the basis for the recently announced hydrogen internal combustion engine currently being tested that we are developing. Cummins continues to broaden our range of power solutions to help our customers succeed and help them transition seamlessly to the cleanest and most efficient options.” The 15-liter natural gas engine can be paired with a Cummins Eaton Automated Transmission Technologies Endurant HD Transmission and Cummins Fuel Delivery System, ensuring a purpose-built and fully integrated natural gas powertrain. Other transmission pairings will be available at launch for specialized applications. The 15-liter engine will offer ratings up to 500hp and 1,850 ft-lbs of torque and is expected to weigh 500 lbs less than comparable 15-liter diesel engines currently available on the market while not requiring Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet 2024 California or Environmental Protection Agency emission standards. “Cummins is committed to providing customers the right powertrain for their application,” said Brett Merritt, Vice-President, On-Highway Engine Business, Cummins. “We are bringing this to our customers who have been asking for a natural gas option for long-haul trucking and we are bringing them a very cost-effective and efficient option. This engine will not only deliver the excellent performance characteristics that customers expect from Cummins, but also a compelling total cost of ownership experience, coupled with a potential carbon-negative powertrain option when powered with renewable natural gas.” “Initial interest in the 15-liter Natural gas powertrain has far exceeded our expectations,” said Puneet S. Jhawar, General Manager, Natural Gas, Cummins Inc. “Heavy duty customers are excited about a new pathway to lower their fleet emissions at a competitive cost with a mature, proven technology.” When powered with renewable natural gas (RNG), using methane collected from organic waste as the primary fuel source, the system can be credited with a neutral to negative carbon index, resulting in net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at or below zero. For the first time last year, the energy weighted carbon intensity (CI) value of California’s natural gas vehicle fuel portfolio in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program was below zero—at -0.85 gCO2e/MJ. Chuck B 2004 Windsor with a Cummins Diesel engine
  6. I had the same issue with my 2004 Windsor. Raise the bed. Locate the screws that hold the wooden cover on the box. Remove the screws to open the cover of the box. You should find two angle aluminum pieces that hold the box to the slide. More than likely they are not secured properly. The floor covering is carpet, not wooded planks. Make sure that there is not anything such as clothing that is under the bed box. Reassemble. Good luck, Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  7. You have a choice to purchase diesel fuel where you want. There is always another station down the blvd. Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  8. I agree with Chris 1000%. We purchased our Windsor in 2004. We lived full time in it for 6 years. Sold the Windsor when we decided to get off the road in 2010. We purchased a house in 2010 in southern Mississippi and was able to homestead so we did not have to pay property taxes. With proper maintenance, our Goodyear tires served us good for that 6 year period. . When parked, I used the MCD covers. If I stayed in one place for a period of time I would take the coach out for a 50 mile trip twice a month to exercise the systems.
  9. His generator, and his money to get it repaired. Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  10. The last 4 items on the Onan Periodic Maintenance schedule are 1000 hours items. His generator is almost at 4,000 hours of run time. Flush coolant system, replace coolant pressure cap, replace engine V belt, and replace coolant hoses and thermostat. One has to gain access to those items. One has to have access to them in order to perform them. Top, side, and rear panel has to be removed to gain access to them. Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  11. Many large truck stops especially Flying J's have scales. So do large moving companies. Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  12. The front cap opening for the generator has to come off. Then the generator has to be removed using a fork lift in order to have access to all the panels on the generator to service it. That is probably why he has not performed any PM on it. Been there and experienced that on my 1998 Dip. Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  13. Onan recommends preventative maintenance on their generators. Your text on not removing the genset tells me that you have not kept up the required PM recommended in your manual. Those PM's are there for a reason. Some of them require removing side, back, and top panels to perform the work. If not, you are running on borrowed time with the 3800 running hours you posted. Good luck on not having to spend a lot of money to bring it up to par. Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  14. How did you know? Your alarm was disconnected. Chuck B 2004 Windsor
  15. So you drove 200 miles without an incident with the alarms disconnected. What if you had a alarm generating incident and did not get a warning? Hummmmmmmmmmm! Your coach, your money. Chuck B 2004 Windsor
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