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  1. It would help if questions for fuse locations would give the year and model Monaco coach. Chuck B I forgot to add that it would be nice to post your 1st name and last name 1st initial . It's nice to know who you are. Chuck B
  2. I have received over 100 requests for the "door handle adjustment" pdf. You can download the pdf by logging into the group site, click on general discussion, scroll down to the door handle adjustment pdf by Chuck B and download it. Chuck B
  3. As far as I am concerned, Duck Duck Go allows me to go there, but when I arrive Duck Duck Go forgets to tell where I go who I am and where I came from. Chuck B
  4. No, if there was, the answer might be, not one size fits all. Chuck B
  5. if you never used Google (how does ANYONE do that?), That is why I use duck duck go as my search engine instead of google. Duck Duck Go does not store any information on you. Chuck B
  6. All that is fine and dandy as long as they are not using my money or contents. Chuck B
  7. Panel pictures showing main panel and sub panel. Chuck B
  8. The inverter in the Windsor is a freedom brand. It all depends on how the inverter is wired in the mail electrical panel. Wiring options are; dual in, dual out; dual in, single out; single in and dual out; or single in and single out. More than likely the inverter on the 2003 Windsor is wired dual in, dual out, which requires a 120vac sub panel. The output of that sub panel contains GFI circuit breakers. The owner needs to inspect the main and sub 120avc panel to post an accurate post. Chuck B
  9. I understand that, but, not off my material. Chuck B
  10. I am not a IRv2 fan because they make money off what you post. Chuck B
  11. Wives tend to be historical. They are good reminding their husbands of their mistakes for years to come. Especially if it costs money that could be used for something else. Chuck B
  12. A little more complicated than one thinks. Chuck B http://extranet.garland-group.com/document_catalog/Document Catalog Files/nema Plug Guide.pdf
  13. As you can see in the pdf diagram, there is more involved than just cutting wires and removing components. It would be a major project for the new owners of the components to find all the wires to hook them up correctly. The more one alters and removes components, the less money they will receive if they try to sell their coach. Chuck B Unless one understands electricity and all the applications involved in Correctly hooking up outlets, a neophyte trying to follow one's instruction can send him to the promise land. I would never try to instruct someone in how to hook up a receptible
  14. Ray, the receptacle in your picture is a dead receptacle until it is wired. HOW it's wired determines what it is used to power. When used in a RV environment is completely different than how it is used in any other environment. That is where the confusion comes into play. The seller of the coach should have cautioned the buyer to educate himself to the power requirements. The buyer of the coach is equally at fault by not educating himself about the power requirements and what electrical source to use. This is a wake up call for all of us. Chuck B
  15. Did the new owner plug his coach into a 120 vac 30 amp receptible that are used in a campground, or 220 vac 30 amp receptacle used in a home environment? If he plugged into a 220vac one, he is in for some very expensive repairs. I have been a member of this group since its beginning. There are over a dozen members who made that mistake. Chuck B
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