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Sharp Microwave

Dave Pumphrey

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The control panel bezel on our Sharp convection microwave has broken into several pieces.

I also broke the "tang" in the center that holds the top vent on, while taking it apart.

The unit still works fine, but a search for a replacement bezel comes up no longer available.

Maybe someone replacing their microwave would sell me this part before throwing it away?


Thank You!


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Duct tape and a black felt marker and it'll be good as new. A lot of my redneck buddies do that all the time. You outta see how they fixed the washing machine.!!!

Seriously though, I'd try using some super glue, (sparingly) to see if it can be fixed that way. There's no real stress on it so it should hold up ok....Dennis

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Did you find it? I believe that is the model of my 98 that is now sitting in the shed, the fan quit and I took it out. As I recall my top piece broke in the center and I may have taped it on but the control panel is okay.

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No I have not found one yet.

If you are going to get rid of it, I would like to buy the frame around the control panel, or the whole panel.

My control panel frame was broken at the top when we got the motorhome 2 years ago.

If I would have glued it, it probably would not have broke at the bottom.

I think I broke the top piece trying to take it apart.

I believe the top piece is still available.

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