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Joel Sheriff

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Just had a new GFI installed worked fine until I disconnected from shore power and it started up again. Kicks off with very small load when dry docking red light comes on blinking, power coming to it and won't reset with push of other button. It resets fine with the genny turned on.  Haven't tried with shore power yet, still on the road headed toward Eugene  OR. Any thoughts 

07 Diplomat 

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Richard, it's getting power from the Inverter, I assume, what parts of the Inverter am I looking at.  Just put me tip on inverter end of com wire to magnum remote. The resets on Inverter are not disengaged and the green light is on? Where from here? 

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Sorry, can't help you with that as I am not that versed on Inverters. However, I do remember something about making sure that the GFI is compatible with whatever Inverter model you have in the coach.

Here is what is listed in my Xantrex/Trace MSW Inverter Manual relative to GFCI's

"Not all makes and models of GFCIs work properly with all inverters. Use only GFCIs that are listed as usable for your model of inverter in Xantrex Application Note “Using GFCI Receptacles on Xantrex Inverters and Inverter/Chargers” available at www.xantrex.com or by calling customer service; see page WA–1 for contact information."

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Guest Tim503

You should go to Magnum and download the manual for your unit. My book, page 23, recommends Hubbel, Cooper, and Leviton 8899-A, N7899, GFNT1, GNNT2. If you have a power strip or circuit analyzer it may tell you if it is wired properly with a ground. Of course shore power is ground at the post. Your generator should be grounded to the frame and so the inverter should be grounded to the frame also. When on shore power you could keep it plugged in but turn of the breakers. The ground would still be active. Run the inverter that way and see if the GFCI trips.

My book for Magnum is 2016 Sensata Technologies. They discuss grounding on page 39 and 40. You want to make sure you have one neutral ground connection depending on the source of the power.  You do not connect the two together in the main panel as you do at home. Each source bonds it. Shore at the post, generator and inverter have a relay that connects them when they are being used. Too many neutral to ground connections can introduce looping problems. Hope this helps.

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