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No dash lights (drivers instrument panel)


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Drove new to me  2008 42PDQ to Corpus Christi - first time driving this one at night.   No instrument panel lights.

1) all instruments working properly

2) rotated the headlight switch which is normally dimmer for this style headlight switch).  No luck

i have read that fuse/ relay schematic and checked every fuse that is even remotely related to headlight, instrument, ignition or accessory.   None are blown.     Anybody have the magic bullet in this?   Perhaps a bad headlight switch?

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We replaced the headlight switch in our 2002 Windsor in 2016 for reasons mentioned above and problem solved. Now, 4 years later I think I need to stock another switch. The dash gets very warm in that area since I drive with my headlights on anytime I drive- school bus driver habit!

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