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roof ladder


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I will need a replacement of my roof ladder. I had done few years ago by All-Rite RV, and it was good. It got damaged in a campground 🤥
The problems is that the last time I have to send my old one (expensive shipping cost) so they can copy it.
You figure that they will be smart and save the dimensions, but they did not.
So I would have to do the same, but I wonder if someone have an insight about a supplier. I tried Visonerv with no avail.


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You might also consider just cutting the damaged section out and replacing it.  All the parts are available on line, including steps.  You just have to measure 4 times before you cut to make sure you aren't making a mistake.  It's a lot cheaper, and if you take your time, it will be hard to tell.


2002 Windsor PST

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