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Need Key Fob (remote) replacement for 04 Monaco Windsor

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Security System is by Essex Electronics, and only had one remote, and its buttons are not working, even after new battery. Have called several local shops and everyone says unit to old for fob replacement. Has anyone had to do this before and have any suggestions?   Thanks for any help, Jim B




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Essex uses a generic keyless entry module in conjunction with their keypad module. Couple years ago when I replaced mine, they were supplying one by Avital, which was also available separately on Amazon. Replacing the entire wireless module is pretty simple . I detailed the install here



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Many Thanks for the suggestions. I've contacted, crusingforremotes, which is ABS Auto Security, in San Pedro CA, and since they did not recognize the FCC ID, I read off of the back of the fob, they suggested I mail them the fob and they would set up two new remotes. So, its on its way by Registered mail. I'll let everyone know how this works out. 

Thanks again, 

Jim B


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