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Front Wheel Seals for 2002 Cayman

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Hello, I am having the darnedest time finding the part number for front wheel seals on my 2002 Cayman. I have called several RV places and they ask for the last 8 of the vin and then point me somewhere else. Maybe they won't make much money so they don't want to bother with it, I don't know. If I had the actual part number of the seal it would be helpful.  I don't want to take the wheel apart (I can't do that anyway) to pull the seal and leave it unattended until the part comes in.  Does anyone have the part number handy or a company I can call to obtain them?   Oh, even Kenworth service had problems finding the part. last 8 of VIN 21018752

Thanks for the help. 

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Don't know it this applies to your coach but when I needed parts, I looked up a metal plate on the axle and called the manufacturer with that information. In my case it was Rockwell and the tech support guy was great in getting me part numbers over the phone in minutes.

BTW, I got most parts through NAPA, forget RV shops.

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Check your build sheet which should be attached to a wall or cabinet.  Look for the steer axle model, serial number and manufacturer.  Should be Eating/Dana or Meritor.  Google tech support and give them a call.  Monaco/HR bought "dressed" axles complete less wheels/tires for their chassis build so seal and other wheel end parts will be on axle manufacturer's build sheet.


2010 Neptune 37PBQ



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