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Experienced Repair Shop near San Diego?

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I have a 2005 Executive with DD 60. I would like to have the HWH solenoid o rings replaced and my auxiliary pump repaired. Coach won’t stay level for more than 1-2 hours when parked and aux pump won’t come on. Does anybody know a repair shop near San Diego, CA that has experience working on these types of issues?  Thanks!!

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Try Rick's RV Center, El Cajon (619 440-8616). I have not used them yet but will in the future. I do buy parts there often.

They always seem to to be very busy and I have good reports about them.


Dennis & Debbie Forster and Maggie our GSP

2000 Dynasty 36'; Toad: '06 Tacoma Toyota

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Monaco told me that pump cannot be repaired so they replaced it. I'm not sure if that's true or not as it was under warranty at the time. It's a bugger to get to as it sits above the rear axle. Later year models they moved it up front because of the annoyance of leveling as you slept. If I were having it fixed on my own dime, I'd most likely move the compressor to a more convenient spot say above the propane tank or in one of the aux bays. Where it is just doesn't make sense. I would not let La Mesa RV even LOOK at my coach, let alone REPAIR it. Just my experience. Once they get it in, you can forget about getting it back for at least a month or more....Dennis

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@Dennis,  I'm in the same boat with that pump.  Mine works now, but I get the feeling it is not long to "give up the ghost".  Someone here (? or another forum) moved his forward to the water compt, replaced with one made by Viair.   I'm thinking of doing that myself... one of my projects in the "eventually" list.

I remember my old  pump on my 03 Dyn was replaced with a Viair too.  It's noisier, but being forward, it didn't matter that much.

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HWH uses the Thomas 405ADC 12v air compressor.  It's the same one used in dental offices, so its very quiet. 

You can purchase a new pump for $374.99.

NEW THOMAS 405ADC38/12 Piston Air Compressor,1/10HP,12VDC 100PSI FREE S&H! 94700357458 | eBay 

Or you can purchase a rebuild kit for $270. 

NEW OEM THOMAS 405ADC38/12 Rebuild /Service KIT Piston Air Compressor SK405DCMAJ | eBay

If you air the coach up as high as it will go and place jack stands under the rear crossmember for safety, you can remove the old pump in a few min.  

Replacing HWH auxiliary air pump:  http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/replacing-hwh-auxilary-air-pump-369684.html

You're going to have a hard time finding someone that will reliably work on the air suspension system.  I would avoid most RV repair places and focus on a large truck/bus repair center.  Give Paul Maddox (AZPete) a call and ask who he recommends.  He works for HWH and can answer your questions. His email is pfmaddox@att.net<mailto:pfmaddox@att.net> and his phone number is 602-549-3638. He has posted that his phone is always on, and if not answered, leave a message.

Fixing Air system

A large percentage of the time (maybe 90%+) the leaks are in the air solenoid valves, or "6 packs".  They need new o-rings installed both inside the solenoid and also where the air lines insert into the solenoid.  

You need to get the coach up in the air because after you locate the leaks you need to bleed the air down to work on the solenoids.   If you do not have a lift, build some ramps from 2" X 12" boards stair stepped together. 

 Someone also posted a link to a leak detector spray product on Amazon that is superior at finding leaks.


This process takes lots of time and patience and very few shops have either.  HWH will work on your system if you are near Iowa or Paul Maddox. 

A good way to start would be to search the IRV2 Monaco and Roadmaster sections and pre-purchase the o-rings needed.  Mike Canter suggests you use Dupont Viton orings.  The internal oring is a -019 size, the large one on the bottom is a -028 and the small one on the bottom is a -015.

Then remove the 6-pack valves in both front and rear and rebuild them.  Label all wires and air lines.  It will help to have a special "pin wrench" tool and cannon plug pliers to get the valves apart. 

 Here are some links to get you started:


You Tube video:




Hope this helps.


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FWIW, HWH does use the Thomas Air Compressor, RAP6192. See pdf attached. That said, it does not give the specs for it so more research needs to be done. I would want to replace mine with one of equal specs. I don't know if Vito's link would be the proper specs or not. Perhaps a call to HWH is in order. I did verify this is the compressor they installed on my coach......Dennis

HWH Compressor pdf

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