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Water Hose - Reel or Hose Replacement


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After much consideration I decided to replace the reel and hose on the coach.  The 50' reel is 1" wider than the original 35' hose reel and I had the space.  On a 45' coach it seemed like I was always a foot short of reaching the hose bib.  It arrived today so I , of course had to immediately install it!  The nut that holds it on the reel is 1 1/2"  and the only socket that size I have is fairly long.  The space is small so I used a pipe wrench to turn the socket.  It was not easily turned so I called Glendenning to make sure I wasn't going to break something.  I think it was about 5 minutes before they closed down for the weekend.  Michael explained that I need to give it a little more love to break the nut loose, which I did with some pipe for an extension.  It did get a little more complicated but in the end he was available after hours which helped greatly!  There has been some discussion about the hose connection on the Glendinning Hose Reel, here are photos of mine, Model M Hose Reel.






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