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Engine door gas lift replacement

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when I replaced my gas struts on the engine bay door I had to get a bar clamp to compress them slightly so they would engage the ends. Also, you should have two stops on the door assembly that you can shorten to allow door to lift to its maximum travel distance, giving you a little more distance between the mounting studs. Fairly challenging project, but if you take your time it is doable. An extra hand helps also. Hope this helps.

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22 hours ago, John Haggard said:

This is the number on the lift.

I have tried in vain 

But I know many of you have ordered new and replaced yours. 

The pair I received was a hair to long. 


Thank you for your help.



This is for a 99 Signature 



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I recently installed two 20 inch 120 lb gas struts on the only bay door that raises UP versus all of the others that swing out sideways. This bay has a TV on a special slider that comes out then rotates to the proper viewing angle.

I used two Heavy Duty Long Zip-Ties tied together at a length SHORTER than what was needed to install the ends on to the 10 mm balls. Then using the door as my compression tool, I laid one end of the strut on the the joint of the zip-tie and slowly compressed the strut until I was able to slip the other end over the strut. Both ends were now seated securely into the joints of the zip-ties.

Then I simply lowered the door until I was able to easily slip the lower end of the strut onto the lower 10mm ball.

Voila, Done!

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