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Aladdin Joystick Repair Success!


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A member here sent me a failed Aladdin Joystick that had at some time had the arrow button cap glued to the joystick post, the joystick broken into pieces, and the faceplate had been destroyed.

I was able to replace the joystick button and make a new faceplate on the 3D Printer.

It works great again, and ready to be put back into service!



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Paul not only repaired my broken Aladdin Joy stick which I never thought could be done. He also made me 2 wire harnesses to replace my Velvac 3 mirror with Intec side cameras to new Ramco Truvision mirrors with built in cameras in the convex mirror. Plug and play from 12 wire mirrors to 6 wire Ramco mirrors and 3 wire Intec cameras to 4 wire Ramco side cameras. Just got harnesses today and worked perfectly.

Can’t thank you enough Paul

Amazing stuff

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If you have an Aladdin joystick that is non-responsive, I may be able to repair it for you. PM me for details.

Alternatively, I would be interested in purchasing (or giving you a credit for) any failed Aladdin joysticks that you may have. PM me for details.


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Guest sunriseranch2000

Paul, I have a number of spare parts from my Dynastys. Joy sticks, all kinds of switches, a complete Aladdin control box, new air bag, and other stuff. I posted pictures and descriptions several years ago. The post must be somewhere on this site.


Bob and Sunny Penland

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