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Inverter question


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I am doing a bunch of preventative maintenance on my rig and decided to check all the 120 volt wiring connections in the transfer switch, Progressive Surge Protector, and main and inverter service panels. All was good.

I unplugged and shut off the 120 volt power. I did not shut off the 12 volt disconnect but made sure the inverter was not on when I went to check the breaker panels in the bedroom. Since the power was off I did not switch any of the breakers on or off, just checked to make sure all the wiring lugs were tight.

When I got done I was walking out of the coach and noticed that the inverter was on. Not sure why this happened as in the past we seldom use the inverter.  I could not get the inverter to shut off by pressing the button.

So I went ahead and shut the 12 volt disconnect off, turned the button off on the inverter itself, and unplugged the inverter and communication line to do a reset just to make sure. After I turned everything back on it seemed to go back to normal and I could turn the inverter off and on.

Any idea what happened, is this a sign of a future problem. I've got the RV2012 Xantrex inverter.  Anything I should check.

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Joel, thanks for the comment. 

When I was going into the motorhome I made sure to check to make sure the inverter was off, by that time the shore power had been disconnected for ~1 hour while I was checking the wiring terminals in the transfer switch and surge protector.  Since I was going to be checking the inverter breaker panel I wanted to make sure it wasn't inverting. 

After checking the tightness off all the wiring terminals in the main and inverter service panels I immediately saw that the inverter was on.  I tried to shut if off and it would not shut off so I turned both the chassis and house battery disconnects off, turned the inverter off using the switch on the inverter, unplugged the communication cable and batter temp cables and waited about 15 minutes.  Connected everything back up and turned on the house and chassis battery disconnects and checked the inverter remote display again.  It was not inverting and I could turn it off and on. 

This never happened before and hopefully it won't again.  I installed a residential refrigerator so I will be depending on the inverter more then ever.



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No, it is just another computer that gets confused sometimes. I would not worry about it.




Myron 08 Endeavor

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That's what I'm hoping.  I'm keeping a close eye on it. 

Waiting for the 3rd thing to happen as my desktop computer crashed last week, would not boot up, finally gave up and took the hard drive to a computer shop and had then down load all the files and then immediately backed up my laptop which is my primary computer. 

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