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2000 executive ride hight

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I have the number of 9" for the 2000 executive but wondering where to measure for that would it be frame or bag plate?

The reason I am wondering is the documents I am looking at shows 9" for every year of the executive but I thought they changed where to measure at one point.

if they changed where to measure would not the measurement have changed?

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Sorry, there are two files there. One I had referred to previously and the second is called "Ride Height Spec's"

One gives you how to measure and the second gives you the actual measurement for your coach which is 9 inches.

If another member has more updated information please chime in.

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Ok talked with source engineering today and got the ride hight info 8.5” to 9” bag plate to plate.

Also he let me know Firestone is not making the bags any more luck for us automan is and they are making a lot.

Here is the part numbers 

9376 Air Bag AB1DK20D-9376 - Van Horn Truck Parts Inc
W01-358-9376 | Firestone Airide Air Spring | 1T15L-2 (truckspring.com)
Looking at the diagrams there is one difference in the size of 2.83 and 2.75 I do not think is a deal breaker at all.

182.00 a bag.

 Van horn had 1200 in stock in ca.

Also I ordered 4 of sources Shocks and my diesel guy is replacing my shepherd box with a TWR.

I hope all this will make the coach drive like a dream.

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Couple years ago I bought a W01-358-9376 air bag made by Blacktech off EBay for $110 as a spare. A year ago it was $125 and currently I do not find it listed.

Did find Firestone for $172 instead of VanHorn’s $169.


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If you call the place advertising the firestone’s (I called 7) all will say no stock and not on order. Michigan truck springs is the 3rd largest on sale of airbags and are out with a bunch on order from Firestone for over 6 months. That’s when he and I found out Firestone is not building them anymore.

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