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Oil filter guard?

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Just checking to if this is standard equipment or something that was added? My Windsor I had didn’t have it. Oil change place had not seen one and of course they would not remove it. Went to a friends shop in town and took me all of 2 minutes to remove it. Just has me curious. Thanks, Steve



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1 hour ago, Scott 61 said:

Monaco put those on the rear radiator models to keep rocks and debris out of the rear radiator

This sounds more likely.

Where Cummins mounts their oil filters, little chance of being struck by something.

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Steve, The oil change techs hate those shields. After one change, years ago, the tech just pulled it down and bent it. Didn't know till after. What I did was remove it and put hinges on that section of the shield below the filter. They just have to remove the one bolt and the shield goes down to give them access. I have received many compliments since then on how easy it made their job.

Gary 05 AMB DST

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My 04 cayman has a large one that covers from Radiator fwd to end of oil pan and is about 3 ft + wide. Lit has 4 easily accessible nuts on studs that are welded onto the coaches frame. Like yours it takes only a few minutes to remove. No shop has ever charged me extra to remove it. Down side is it protects the fuel filters too so it's not easy to drain fuel/water separator, but can be done without removing cage.

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