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New AT&T Data Plan

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AT&T recently announced a new prepaid data-only plan targeted at mobile data users. $55/mo for 100GB data. 

Cricket, an AT&T subsidiary, has also dropped their price for 100GB to $55. 

Both will work with a TOGO RoadLink, Winegard ConnecT2.0, as well as many other mobile routers snd hotspots. Cricket is much more restricted on the devices that are compatible. 

more info on AT&T:


(scroll to bottom of page)

More info on Cricket:


Mobile Internet Resource Center article:





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2 hours ago, Corkman said:

The thing that bothers me is the comment: "AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. See AT&T broadband info"

The can throttle you back whenever they want, can't they?


Yes, but I haven't seen a cellular data-only agreement from any major carrier that doesn't have a similar clause.

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I use Verizon and between all my equipment I use collectively around   100 - 120gb fashion really throttles back each when limit is reached almost to where you can't watch without buffering every 10 seconds. I hate having changed out of my grandfathered purely unlimited. Any throttling is not worth the change. IMO

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4 hours ago, Corkman said:

I think normally they only throttle back the speed once you’ve exceeded your data limit, isn’t that correct?

We have had a Verizon prepaid unlimited plan for two years now and they will throttle it back anytime the traffic is high. In some locations we can stream with it and others we just give up. Often it is super slow even for general internet use and we end up turning on the hotspot on our Verizon cellphone. Verizon will never slow down the cellphone service. I don't think there is a truly unlimited cell service data plan out there because as far as I am unconcerned if they slow it down to the point you can't watch a YouTube video then it is not unlimited. Here at home our internet screams 24/7 and we stream Netflix's and Amazon Prime all the time. If I could get that kind of service in an RV cellphone link I would gladly pay $100 a month. Heck, I am paying $65 a month for the crampy Verizon prepaid now.  

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My Calyx Institute membership uses Sprint (and now T- Mobile) and has unlimited 4G data and no throttling. There have been several PRL (preferred roaming list) updates to expand the hotspots' access to the T-Mobile network when Sprint is not available. Since the updates, it has become my goto hotspot, sometimes getting amazing speed. I also have AT&T and Verizon hotspots that have unlimited 4G data but they are both throttled.


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Installed my Cricket Wireless 100GB card.  Went online to activate which went just fine.  It continued and began setting up an account.  Took the username and then said it sent a text with my password to my new Cricket phone number.  The Roadlink doesn't do text so I called tech support. After about an hour the tech told me that their is no way to set the password for me and that I must go to a Cricket store.  So off I went.  After about 30 minutes with the store I was told they cannot set a password for me or tell me what the password is.  Suggested I put the SIM in my phone to get the text message (guess I should have thought of that).  Phone takes a Nano SIM.  Roadlink takes a normal size SIM.  Purchased a SIM adapter kit from Amazon and cut the SIM down to Nano size.  Installed in phone and got the text with the temporary password.  Then had to glue the Nano SIM into the adapter and put it back in the Roadlink (goes in upside down).  Got LTE access denied a couple of times but power cycling seemed to fix it.  Now works and I have access via the iPhone app and web to pay the bill each month. Somewhat frustrating but better than the AT&T 22GB for $90 I paid last year (which I had to renew three times due to working remotely).

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Oops!  I switched about 6 months ago and forgot to mention the password thing.  I activated it in an old iphone and then put it in the RoadLink.  It does require a couple of reboots to start working. (No idea why!)

The good news is I have been using it since October with no issues. 

Thanks for sharing your experience.  It will help other avoid the frustration. 

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