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Brake caliper lube.

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Have you tried watching Youtube videos on the subject.

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do you have Meritor or Bendix brakes. The Meritor system uses clay based grease, a very specific process. Most shops just use chassis grease not knowing what type of system you have. Need to figure out what system you have before lubing brake calipers. Hope this helps.

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Hi David

Since you mentioned calipers, I imagine you have air over hydraulic Bosch disc brakes the same as I do on my 02 Knight. If this is not the case, ignore all of this message.


Here is a link to the Bosch Pin Slide Disc Brake service manual. It is 60 pages and very good. Lubrication is covered on page 43.



Further information, you may be aware that the above brake system had a NHTSA recall #02V278000. The recall was a result of severe brake overheating probably caused by moisture in the brake fluid that caused the phenolic brake pistons to expand and not retract properly. I had two or three of these overheating events and had complete brakes replaced on the offending axle each time. 


In order to monitor the situation I installed a themocouple temperature monitoring system on each backing plate. It alerts me it the brakes are begining to overheat which usually occurs at lower speeds whent the exhaust brake is not effective. The other and  most important thing I do now is flush the brake fluid system every two years. It is relativly easy and only needs about two or three cans of dot 4 synthetic brake fluid. I use the Harbor Freight brake bleeder #92924 with my shop air.



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If you have brakes that require brake fluid, if you open the can of fluid and do not use it all! junk the can ! brake fluid left in the can will absorb moisture from the the surrounding air.  This I know from working in a brake lab for 22 years. We purchased our fluid in large containers, before we would use any of the fluid we had to pull a vacuum on the container. A can of fluid you purchase will become contaminated  in a short time. a can is CHEAP not worth the trouble later on.

Greg B.

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