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Aftermarket engine oil dipstick tube

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I had this problem with my 2003 Dynasty.  The pieces that hold the top of the dipstick tube need to be adjusted so that there is no stress on the tube and it can’t vibrate.  It will break a separate piece that the bottom of the tube fits on to.  That piece is inserted from inside the crank case, requiring the removal of the oil pan.  I had that done at Cummins 3  times!  Fortunately I only paid once.  The mess on the back of the coach and the motorcycle and it’s lift was prodigious.  Hopefully you don’t have that problem.  

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I have a similar problem.  My dip stick tube on my '03 Windsor broke by the clamp that holds the tube at the top of the engine near where the tube flares to accept the securing part of the dip stick itself.  I was able to install a small piece of hose with claps at each end to hold the tube together for my last trip.  Cummins was no help since the tube and dip stick were installed by Monaco and the length is determined by the application.  The rest of the tube seems to be in sorry shape too rust wise.  Does anyone know if there are any Monaco specs as to the length and possible part number of the tube?  Thank you.

Tony Chiulli

'03 Windsor,  '05 Ram Pickup

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