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Integrated Seatbelts on my 2009 Camelot 42 PDQ

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Hello Fellow Monaconians. 

Recently my dog freaked out during a thunderstorm and chewed through my integrated seat belt on the driver's side captain chair. I have a 2009 Camelot 42 PDQ. Has anyone ever had to replace the belt? If so, how did you access it? I would appreciate any information you could through my way. 🙂 Thank you in advance.

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2 hours ago, emonaghan said:

The trouble is getting it out of the seat. The seat belt repair is the easy part. 😀

I would TALK to truck seat repair folks and reapholsterers . Truck stop truck repair folks may also be of help.



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Can't  say for certain on yours, but on mine after you unbolt the seat from the floor the seat belt spool is bolted at the bottom of the seat and easy access all the way up to the top where it comes out the top above your shoulder. I can only assume the wide open space is so nothing can interfere with it's operation. I do not know if you can just buy the belt and rewind the spool or if you have to install a whole new assembly it could be a cya from the manufacturer.  

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