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Solar Charging


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Ron P., 2004 Monaco Executive. 

I am venturing into something new as usual.   I have solar panels but I have never tried to charge batteries.   According to Aladdin it is doing something.  I have it in the Inverter mode.


How do I charge the batteries?




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I would start by mounting the display board right side up. HAHAHAHA, just a little morning humor.

Good question to ask as I have wondered the same thing. Is the Aladdin charging all the time when the sun is up?

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Your owners manual covers the solar charging system.  Do you have the original equipment 100W panel and Heliotrope charge controller?

If so, you probably do not need to do anything.  The Heliotrope charger will charge both the house and chassis battery together, although at VERY low rates.    

Do not make the classic mistake of confusing watts with amps.  Your panel is 100 watts which equates to about 5 amps in perfect conditions.  That is solar noon on a clear summer day.  You can add additional panels fairly easy to increase the charge rate.  

Hope this helps.  

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Solar will not do much when plugged in. Inverting takes power out of the batteries when not plugged in. .. doesn’t charge the batteries.

Appears the solar does work as it’s putting 1 amp into the house batteries and the charger, in your inverter, is charging 3 amps.

Unhook from shore power and turn the inverter off and see how many amps of solar you get… if only one panel it won’t be much.

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