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Lug nuts torque specs

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Mr Keith,

The lug nut torque depends on the size of the stud and number of threads. For round numbers you are looking at somewhere around 450 to 500 foot pounds.

I have used DynaBeads, ceramic beads from Innovative Balancing for many years and never had a problem with them. From the articles I have read, do not use powder type beads, it can plug up the tire valve stems.

Bill B 07 Dynasty

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On 8/14/2021 at 7:42 AM, Mr Keith said:

I have a 1986 governess and I’m just wondering what the lug nut torque specs would be thanks And I am wondering if anybody has any experience with tire balancing beads

The Lug Nut Torque depends on what size tires/rims you are dealing with. Plus it doesn't matter whether they are steel or aluminum. Also you always check torque after 100 miles and re-torque if necessary.

The torque spec for19.5 inch tires run about 135-145 and 22.5 tires run 450-500 Ft-Lbs.

I used Dyna Beads on my first and second set of tires. I switched to Balance Masters on the drive axle as the cost differential was only going to be about $100 after purchasing the beads from Innovative Balancing in Las Vegas and having them shipped to Florida. I still have the Dyna Beads in my steer tires but will purchase a set of Balance Masters when I switch tires again.

There are a lot of choices for beads and powder out there BUT don't fall for the imposters and worse yet do NOT put balancing powder in your wheels. My only recommendation if you want to use beads is to purchase authentic Dyna Beads from Innovative Balancing. Plus only purchase beads for RV's and Motorhomes. They have a chart to choose the right quantity on their web site.


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When we purchased our coach the tires/wheels felt very out of balance. Anything over 60 MPH and the whole rig would shake. I did not know if the wheels were balanced or not as the previous owner was less than honest about the condition of the coach. We bought the coach in March 2021. The tires were "brand new" but not really. DOT dates were 2017 but still had the knobs on them. Some friends of mine with motorhomes suggested the Centramatic wheel balancers.  I purchased the Centramatric wheel balancers andhad them installed. They made a huge difference but still not correct. I finally found a real good truck tire guy in town. Turns out the "new" tires had a permanent flat spot and the tires was separating inside. The tires also had balancing beads inside of them. The beads only balance the tire. The Centamatics balances the entire tire/wheel and hub assembly. End result was 8 new Toyo tires and 6 Centramatics and the the rig is smooth as cold beer on hot day. I know they are more money but IMO they are worth it. Check them out and watch their you tube videos. 


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