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covering repair of interior side of entry door

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Has anyone had the interior side door covering pull/shrink up and pull out of the track its poked into on your entry door, if so,were you able to reattach it  or repair it and if so how did you go about it , 07 monaco,Dynasty squire iv,,,,,,thanks in advance

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the material is leather or vinyl cant tell for certain
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I have had the same issue. You can remove the interior handle and lock mechanism and then the edging/border and window frame to remove the panel. I have attempted to reglue the material to the base a couple times without long term success. Removing the old glue off both materials is very painful. I have tried a couple different adhesives and even contacted 3M for advice. None of my attempts have been successful for more than a year. When originally made they glued and then vacuum bonded the vinyl material to the base plastic sheet. The raised and recessed areas are particularly difficult to get a good bond. I used a pile of clamps and some wood strips along the raised areas.  Still unsuccessful. If anyone has had success with a particular adhesive please share. 

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40 minutes ago, 6Wheels said:

Thanks. I was hoping to keep it original so didn’t want to replace it with she goods. I will try the sites you listed for a replacement 



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