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Backsplash & Faucets - 2006 Dip

Scotty Hutto

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The work continues…

Removed old mirrors (silvering was coming off) and Corian backsplash behind stove and replaced with glass tile as selected by Debbie…

Removed existing, cleaned with TSP. Tile set with Flexbond thinset, grouted with Polyblend non-sanded grout, and caulked with Polyblend sanded latex caulk. 

Faucets are Glacier Bay (Home Depot) connected to PEX with Sharkbite cutoff valves and braided stainless lines. 











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3 hours ago, tmw188 said:

How difficult were the mirrors to get off and did it tear the wall with it? 

The mirrors came of surprisingly easy. I used a putty knife and then a longer blade and all three came off in one piece. Probably 10 minutes effort on each. 

The Corian backsplash was another story. Very, very difficult to remove. In addition to the two-sided tape, it also had a generous application of construction adhesive. It took me almost two hours to get it off. 

All were removed without damaging the wall behind them 

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