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RV Service in Lubbock

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I have friends that purchased a 2006 Monaco Executive in Mississippi last week and are traveling to Lubbock where it will be stored until late December. They are compiling a long laundry list of items that need to be done on the rig. Does anyone have recommendations of quality service centers in the area? Thanks

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Stating upfront what im writting is based on frustration, that givin how the rving Industry has exploded in such a short time you would think Someone would /could figure it out.

So Richard, i needed something just like this when i was STUCK in RENO, (which used to be my home town) in Feb with what i thought was a bad wheel bearing. You would have thought i had 3 eyeballs, NO ONE WOULD HELP ME GET A FLIPPEN DIAG!!!

This was WITHOUT a doubt the WORST in rv assistance i have EVER heard of or recieved! ALL STOP! I even had small companys argue with me stating “they service there appointment customers first!!!

well DUH! We all understand that!! All i wanted was SOMEONE to say, we understand you are enroute, we will perform a quick inspection and give you an answer, which if it “needs more” we will have to Schedule you, if nothing looks bad at this time, well patch you up an you can be on your way. 
AND before i get a hail storm of folks saying they have to honor there prior commitments, i spent at least 7 years doing JUST THAT, road traffic would come at us all the time with just that request. Most we put back on the road in short order, others would be squeezed into our regular work flow. And our schedules all got massaged an most everyone understood, cause i believe they all knew, “that could be them”

Shame on Reno for NOT being more accommodating for folks ON THE ROAD, i mean i spoke with mobiles, dealerships, an cruised the internet looking for SOMEtype of friendly rv repair facility, ZERO COMPASSION!!! OH! And dont get me started about Truck stops, or especially tire shops that said “WE Dont WORK ON CAMPERS!!!” 
i own a very nice looking 2003 HR 36 ft rv, there is NO DIFFERENCE between my rig an the BUS thats already parked in your bay…

Its not like i came to your town wanting to spend hours being parked an paying a kings ransome waiting on someone to inspect my rig…

Finishing this RANT, when i did find a place that would agree to perform an inspection there were Two 18 wheeler tractors there during my “visit” one had been towed in Before i got there, the other arrived after my rig went to the back room, the first one left before mine was done. The other guy was told what parts had to be ordered as i was waiting for my coach to be brought up front. 

Because of my in frequent needs of having issues on the road i have nothing to base this unexcusable behavior to, IS THIS “SOP”??? Or does RENO deserve the honor of “worst of Accommodating service award???

i know EACH person / case is different, im not lookin for folks to pile on, im mearly looking to hear if places could do better, if perhaps the city of commerce could have a chat with bussiness leaders to identify issues how they relate to the public, in regaurds to emergency service breakdowns. 



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