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Front Hydraulic Jack

Dale n Deb

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Our front jack leaked hydraulic fluid and wouldn't go up. We ended up removing it in order to move to our next area. We only have one jack in front on our 2008 HR Endeavor. We have been calling around without any luck. Can these be repaired or do we have to buy a new one? It is a Power Gear with the numbers 501136 on one line and under that was 08031 P 230135. We are in Cheyenne tonight and then on to Colorado. Any suggestions are welcome.



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It’s not a hard DIY job if you are inclined. Lippert’s web site has rebuild instructions and they sell kits that include seals, wear ring and a new gland for somewhat over $100. Alternatively, you can take the old seals to a hydraulic supply and they can match them up with new ones. If your rod and gland are not scored, that’s all the parts you need.  I did this with one of my rear jacks and it cost less than $20 for the parts. 

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