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Lose belt 370ISL

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20211006_185920.thumb.jpg.3b129cf0851fa8d8c5055cce483c36a2.jpg20211006_185902.thumb.jpg.21c9a4cbc95d0e34703bfbe0fd9eb929.jpgJust pulled in to overnight near Page AZ.

Checked engine oil and found the smaller engine belt loose. Can see missing bolt.

Wondering if this is the dash ac compressor on top right side of engine and would it be OK to drive it if I just take it off and drive to Page 12 miles to get a bolt?


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25 minutes ago, klcdenver said:

That is your A/C compressor. See if you can tie wrap the belt secure so it is clear of pulleys until you can get a bolt. That is your tension adjustment for the belt.

Thanks. I'll take the belt off.

6 minutes ago, vito.a said:

If it's the outside belt, pull it off for now.  I'd also get some PB Blaster and spray it on the adjuster.  

I haven't used dash ac in 14 years would be afraid to even try it.

Is it ok to just take and leave it off. I do use dash heat and defrost occasionally. 

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