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Air Bag numbers for 2007 Executive

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I have the number for the rear air spring on my 2007 Monaco Executive (W01-358-8897). I am looking for the number for the front bags. I believe that they are the same but not sure. I am working to resolve a small leak on the right side of the rig and have replaced 4 rear bags previously and figure I might as well replace the remaining bags. Also, my aux compressor is filling all air tanks and not just the ping tank which takes about 25 minutes on average. Any suggestion on how to correct this problem is appreciated.

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Front are the same as the back… air hole may be different requiring reusing the bushing.

 There’s a check valve that’s supposed to stop the air from going out… not sure where.

I carry one of the below as a spare.


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Contitech AS8897 - find it parts - $127 free shipping. You will need a short 1 1/4 open end wrench ( about 7" long ) for the air fitting. Also you may have to force the air fitting through the top mounting plate if you can not remove it. They can be very tight. I hope this helps. Good luck, Mike.

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