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U-LINE ULINE 80-54372-00 Ice Maker Assembly


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Has anyone ever replaced a ULINE 80-54372-00 Ice Maker Assembly? It is located in my free standing ice maker in my RV, I know the U-line part number is 80-54372-00 but U-Line wants anywhere from $285 (Amazon) to $555 other companies. Normally you can get an ice maker assembly for $70-$100, so I was wondering if there was a different brand that would also work and was less expensive?


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the ice maker in a uline is a common part used in many fridges. The cheaper ones fit but sometimes need some wiring mods.

Here is the info you need to fix your icemaker. This is for a standalone ice Uline ice maker used in many RV's. This info was for one in Bluebird.


Well, the problem is fixed! Here was the solution I used. Jim (isp2952) mentioned in this thread that "If it still gets cold and not making cubes you can go to Lowes and buy a replacement." So off to Lowes where I find an IM116000 ice maker kit for $50. Bring it home and start to remove the old ice maker mechanism (see Jim's instructions below). Oh and the old icemaker unit was gross, real gross. The wiring went as follows:

ULINE HARNESS.....................................NEW ICEMAKER KIT

Yellow wire and White wire.......................Blue wire
Black............................................. .......Black
Brown............................................. ......Yellow
Red............................................... ........cap this off
Read immediately below...........................Green w/ Yellow strip

Now there is a Green w/ Yellow stripe on the new icemaker kit and no other wire in the Uline cabinet harness to connect to. This (the Green w/ Yellow stripe) is a ground wire. So just slip a wire through the back of the Uline icemaker harness and connect it to the Green w/ Yellow stripe wire of the new ice maker. Connect the other wire to the back of the Uline cabinet (I connected it to ground near the compressor on the frame).

That is it...other than getting the old icemaker unit out of the Uline. Here are the instructions from Jim which he kindly sent me:

Remove the plastic cover on the front of the icemaker, and remove the three screws holding the metal plate in place. Pull it forward and you'll see all of the wiring, the timing cam, motor, etc. This plate also holds the bin switch arm; the arm will be loose after you pull the plate out. Five wires are of interest here: two power wires, a ground, one for the water solenoid, and one for the freezer's thermostat. Disconnect/cut these 5 wires they're the ones that go as a group to the back of the cabinet. Here's the part that actually took me the longest to figure out: how to physically remove the icemaker. There are a total of 5 screws that need to be removed. Two are hard to see, but pretty easy to figure out if you look at the new icemaker. They hold the icemaker to the side wall of the cabinet. The other 3 are smaller (1/4" socket) and screw in to the icemaker from the bottom. After all of these are out, it still isn't going to be loose, it'll be held to the mounting shelf with a thermal paste/glue. CAREFULLY pry it loose, trying not to bend the shelf any more than you have to the shelf is actually part of the refrigerant loop, so try not to scrape off paint and don't put any holes in it. Once you've separated the icemaker from the shelf, pull it straight forward. The probe for the thermostat slides into a metal tube mounted to the ice cube mold; don't bend it any more than you need to. Now is a good time to do any cleaning, if you want to.

Electrical Fun: ULine, to their credit, links the compressor to the ice maker, so that it isn't working to cool the cabinet while the mold heater is trying to release new ice cubes. A normal icemaker doesn't have this function, and it'll work fine without it. BUT the thermostat needs to know what's going on so you will need to connect it to the neutral for the compressor to run at all. Otherwise, the wiring is pretty straightforward. My only caution at this point is to make sure that wire colors are consistent (or look at the diagram to match functions) with what I describe.

I scrapped all the old paste they used to bond the icemaker to the shelf and use

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Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your valuable post on this subject.  It is near and dear to my heart.  May I ask you to help me troubleshoot my problem after replacing the ice maker unit in my U-Line U-CO2075FB-00 Echelon (circa 20??), with a Frigidaire IM116000 ice maker kit.  I believe I followed he directions properly - especially with the "extra" wires that couldn't be match (moved to ground). 

However, while the water flows into the ice tray and it freezes, BUT no ice gets dispensed into the bin.  I don't know why.  Might you be a able to advise what I must have done wrong

I believe I properly connected the wires of the ice maker to the wires coming into the unit per the above.  I think the problem may be either (1) that the ice tray doesn't get warmed before the mechanism can eject it or (2) the rotator never moves to eject it, or (3) the sensors aren't working, or (4) the sensors aren't activating the mechanisms. 

As you know, the prior ice cube maker assembly had a long wire (temp probe?) that was inserted into long tube running lengthwise down and under the ice maker ice cube tray.  I believe that this would sense the temp and/or "heat up" the tray so the mechanism that rotates clockwise to dispense the ice can work properly.  Since the IM116000 doesn't provide that long tube, I just bent it a bit to run under the ice cube tray and taped it to the bottom of the ice maker tray.

It seemed also that the original U-Line ice cube tray had some adhesive on the bottom that held that tube onto the bottom of the ice cube tray (aka mold heater?).  The new solution seemed to say that that wasn't required.

I appreciate your review of this.  Let me know if you need any more info to help you understand better.  I can also send you pictures of the unit/wiring.





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Raj. The instructions I posted were not mine. I just cut and pasted. But I did replace the icemaker in my Bluebird. It was an 1988 and  I did the work in around 2004. I never made any notes and the wiring was not difficult. So I cannot add anything to this thread.  Perhaps the ice maker changed over the years. I do remember posters  saying that lots of fridges used the same unit. Sorry.

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On 1/28/2022 at 6:51 PM, birdshill123 said:


You are so kind to respond so quickly to clarify. 

I certainly appreciate your response! 

Thank you very much for your valuable time.  




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