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Bedroom Slide out floor bonding loosening.

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13 minutes ago, brokenarrow1244 said:

Noticed the slide out floor metal is starting to separate at the edge.

I am looking to get some input about the best material to use to repair it. It looks like I would just inject the material and press it back in place. Looks like the old stuff is, just old stuff.




Many of us have solved this know problem with the help of Talin Guardian plates








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I had similar issue when I purchased my coach. Mine had dry rot in a small area. You have to determine whether it just delaminated from the metal sub structure or it is dry rotted and the 3/8” ply is separated. I lived on a sailboat for years and would find dry rot where fresh water had penetrated the oak ribs. It has to be completely dried out, then inject “Get-Rot” into the wood. Once saturated  I used a jack and wax paper in between slide bottom and boards to put upward pressure for 24 hours to set up. Then recaulk. Of course I still want to have Guardian Plates installed by Talin if I ever make it to the east coast.


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We have the same issue caused by various issues and will have guardian plates in stalled by Talin soon. On Youtube are several videos on the install process and the benefit.

Your photos show the same result and roller damage due to water damage and progressive damage to the laminate at the bottom of the slide. Sealing the edge will not solve it and will lead to major repairs in the future.

the other slide edges are also at risk and you should consider removing the existing caulk and recaulking with Proflex RV. That applies to the top and sides of the edge bead so that you are sure there cannot be water intrusion. The other place to replace the caulk is on the inner joint of the outside frame on the slide (see the last photo JDCrow posted.

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1 minute ago, JDCrow said:

Bro, If you can maintain a sail boat, you are more than capable of installing Guardian plates. I did and I’m an idiot 

Yes I probably could except my hands don't function like the used to when I was 40 on the boat. And if I were to try, I would need a sheltered place to park for a length of time to slowly complete the project. At this point in time it would be easier to assist someone or just pay to have it done.

But I appreciate the thought. 

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Look at Talin RV in Florida. He is a Monaco owner and owner of Talin RV, he created a system called guardian plate for the Monaco’s that do this. Which is pretty much all of us original (2009 and earlier ) as there was a design flaw that allows water intrusion in our slides.  

at the Monacoers gathering this past week he gave a seminar on it. They are a great source of info regarding the issue abs ensuring you fix it not just patch it

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My bedroom slide on the pax side has serious cracking on the outside underside where the two rollers are.  It's now at Lazydays (Tampa) who are going to give me an estimate to install the guardian plates - someday, I hope. 

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