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2004 Monaco Diplomat

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I had the same problem on my 2006 Diplomat a couple of years ago. Changed the Nason switch located under the buttons for the trans shifter. Easy fix. I bought a new one some have done there own rebuild. Cost around $70.00 delivered.

Just for info, you can go to the trouble shooting guide for the Power Gear  levelers on line and you will find a proceedure for leveling in manual mode while your Nason switch in on order. I did this for a couple of weeks.

Don T.

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Ron, I had this issue last year and replaced that parking brake switch and no issues since.  See pic below. 



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43 minutes ago, gizmo4wine said:


Did you have to drain the air tanks to change switch or just be in park?




You do have to drain the air down before swapping as it is connected to the air system.  You will also want to air the system back up and check for leaks in the brake before you mount it to the panel again.  

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