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Leaking Sealand toilet

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I recently replaced the ball valve gasket set on out Sealand toilet as the gasket had worn and was leaking. The hardest part was getting on the floor and getting back up. That unfortunately lead to a water leak at the flush valve. When left alone it does not leak but when running water to flush or fill the bowl it leaks (see photo). Does anyone know if the valve seal can be replaced or if the whole valve needs to be changed? Either way do any of you have the part number(s)?20220324_190108_01.thumb.jpg.14784eb3af788879046064299a6c94ea.jpg

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Thanks for the part list Dr4Film. Unfortunately the photo does not match my toilet. Checking the Monaco Build sheet  it is a Dometic Sealand 510 plus. Manually operated with a foot flush mechanism.


I found a parts list on line but it only a picture without a legend. The closets valve assembly I can find is all plastic. If possible I would rather fix the original. The all plastic unit looks like it would not last more than a few months.

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