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Progressive Industries EMS-HW-50C Installation


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I just finished installing my Progressive Industries EMS-HW-50C into my 2006 Dynasty. I had to do that because the previous owner was too cheap when he had the transfer switch replaced recently by installing a Southwire Surge Guard Model 41260 which does NOT interface with the Aladdin System instead of the Model 40450 which DOES interface with the Aladdin System. He could even have spent a little more money also by installing the Southwire Surge Guard Model 40350 which at least checks for all aspects of shore power quality plus comes with a remote display even though it doesn't interface with the Aladdin System. That would have at least given me the same information that the PI EMS-HW-50C does.

Truthfully, maybe it was a Blessing in disguise because now I have the ability to also use my Todd Coffelt Voltage Booster VC-50 when needed by plugging it into the shore power outlet then plug the EMS-HW-50C into the output of the VC-50. Thereby if the shore power were ever to get below the Low Voltage Cut-Off level (which can happen in older RV Parks) for the EMS-HW-50C I would not lose shore power for that condition as the VC-50 would bring the voltage back to a normal range. It will also allow me to isolate the Progressive Industries EMS-HW-50C if the entire box has to be returned to the factory for repair. I would simply remove the Transfer Switch plug and plug it directly into the shore power receptacle.

I just need to decide where to install the PI A/B Switch plus the location for display A in the service bay. Then I need to find a location for display B inside the coach. The service bay installation will be easy but finding a location to get the Data Cable from the A/B Switch up to the inside of the coach will be more difficult.

Any suggestions would help for a Countess III Floorplan and will be greatly appreciated.



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I was able to mount one display in the small compartment next to the wet bay, I have 2 drawers there that hold my electrical adapters and water hose.  I mounted it up high, there was enough clearance when the door is closed.  So while I hook up I can watch the monitor and make sure all is good after power is applied.  I can then just move the switch to the inside display.

When mounting the inside display I chose to mount it on the vanity front in the 1/2 bath room.  A downside with the display is that is constantly scrolls and at night can be really bright.  So in the 1/2 bath it is out of the way but easily seen.  I was able to round the communication cable up across the basement roof where my inverter is and into the wet bay and through the floor of the vanity next to the drain pipe.

I do carry a voltage booster but don't have a good place to permanently mount it.  When we first bought it I was staying at an older campground in Upper MI that had lower power.  Only way to be able to run an AC and maintain good power was to use the booster.  That was +10 years ago and since then only used it a hand full of time but nice to have when you have marginal power. 

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1 hour ago, jacwjames said:

A downside with the display is that is constantly scrolls and at night can be really bright. 

I've used a piece of window tinting mounted on a small piece of clear plastic for such situations.  With a heat gun you can easily re-form the plastic to make a lip and hang it in place at night. 

- bob

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Finally finished the installation of my Progressive Industries EMS-HW-50C package. 

As noted above, I originally installed the main unit last spring prior to leaving for our Workamping Jobs at Totem Pole Park in New Hampshire. However, I was undecided exactly where I wanted to install the A/B Switch and two displays, one in the service bay and one inside the coach. 

After giving it MUCH thought during that time and looking over what needed to be done, I finally decided on installing the A/B Switch just above an opening in the SS cover located in the lower left corner of the service bay. Not sure what that hole was originally used for but now it serves another purpose. The hole was large enough to get three data cable connectors through it to hookup to the A/B Switch. 

The display in the service bay was mounted just above the opening for the Cablemaster where the shore power cord goes out and in. That allows for the data cable to be routed through the top of the same opening. 

While routing the data cables from the EMS-HW-50C located in the adjacent compartment to the A/B Switch I happen to notice a block of telephone cables zip-tied to the top of the ceiling. I thought, Hmmmm, I wonder if they are connected to the same block of telephone cables, I had found behind the panel above the driver’s seat that has the Magnum Remote, the Aladdin Reset Switch and the Analog TV Booster/Switch. So, I dug out my cable tester and checked them out. The test was GOOD, there was a good connection from one end to the other. That discovery made up my mind as to where the second inside display was going to be located. 

Since that cable was a telephone cable and not a data cable, I had to use a union with a short section of telephone cable to convert it into a data cable. I did that in the service bay as the other end was just long enough to reach the display I had mounted to the panel in the cabinet.

Photos attached!

Got it all together and it works great. 

Now when I am hooking up the shore power for the first time, I have the A/B Switch on A which uses the display in the service bay to see if the shore power passes all of the Progressive Industries EMS-HW-50C quality checks. Once the PI relay has closed, I set the A/B Switch to B so I can monitor the shore power quality and amp draw from inside the coach.

PI EMS-HW-50C Service Bay Display.jpg

PI EMS-HW-50C Inside Display.jpg

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