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Front Door locked

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I have a 2008 Monaco Signature, 45 feet with 600 hp engine.

Front door started to act up. HAVE to make sure the sliding door lock is  manually correct or door doesn't close plus it will lock! So far have managed.

How do I remedy the situation? 

Headed to remove inside panel!!!



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Posted (edited)

The YouTube channel “AZ EXPERT” did a video on the Monaco door insides and adjustments.  

Maybe it will help.   It helped us adjust the door so it latches much better!

edited- I found the video we used!

I like seeing how a real repair person fixes stuff. 

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Your front door should have two locks.  One is a manual dead bolt.  If you rotate it to the lock position with the door open, the door will not close.  

The second lock is the Trimark combination door handle and lock.  If you slide it to the lock position on the inside your door should close, but the handle will be locked.  

You can also lock or unlock the Trimark door handle with the fob or the keypad.  

I'm guessing your Trimark system is the one causing issues.  The keypads wear out and require replacing and reprogramming.  

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1 hour ago, Chuck B 2004 Windsor said:

The problem most folks have is that the pull handle will pull all the way out and the door will not open. 

Exactly, in which case, the two links above will help.

Just adjusted mine last week. Not too bad. About 1.5hrs.

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08 camelot.   Also watched the video and adjusted ours a while back. Much easier to open now. Hold bottom rod with vise grip while adjusting and you may not have to take the door face out of the bottom metal. 

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Hey, so just wanting to keep it different, last year i was in Quartsite, i had just got my 14 day pass an marched back to the RV to go find Nirvana in the desert… My door wouldnt open, thought only one latch was opening… so got my ladder, my tools an went in thru the drivers window (humph, kinda sounds like a song i have heard🤦‍♂️) Anyway to save the drama for another day what i discovered was a screw in the door had backed out and had caught on the door frame. I was able to finally pry the door just enough to get past the frame… word of rhe wise, tighten all screws an look for any that are stripped.

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