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Steering Drag Link Repair (Tie Rod End)

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During annual maintenance I noticed that the boot on the south end of my drag link was disentegrated.  The Tie rod end was not worn yet. But I dont like the sand and grit getting in there.   On my Camelot 42PDQ the drag link has a crook in it about 1/3 of the way forward.  This makes it so that the tire wont rub in a hard right turn.  In order to keep the crook in the appropriate plane, the tie rod end on the south is crimped into the rod.   This make it non adjustable and non removeable.   So they thought.    A new link with new tie rod ends on both ends will set you back $1700 if you order through REV who doesnt know squat about an 08 model.    Or....  You can do what I did here,   I hope I can load the photos.

Tierode end ES431R from Moog $50,  one cutting wheel $2.   12" of welding - - well I am guessing I woulda charged me $40.


What you are seeing is how I cut a slice out of the drag link, unscrewed the old tie rod end (MOOG ES431R) and screwed in a new one.  I then welded it back up so that it still cannot move.

67641431003__C44B6049-F95F-4AA9-AAE7-2D3B4CF2BB9F (1).jpg

IMG_4609 (1).jpg

IMG_4608 (2).jpg

IMG_4636 (2).jpg


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Pretty sure your's will NEVER move. I caught my boot going bad b4 this trip and was able to replace the dust cover. Had to use a hose clamp to hold the big end on the tie rod but expect a few years of use out of it.

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2 hours ago, Trinidaddave said:

Great information, please provide address to your shop and phone number to schedule appointment.  

Lol.  You good.  Bring the link and the tie rod end.   We will drink beer and fix

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