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Square D recall


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43 minutes ago, jacwjames said:

Saw this on IRV2 https://dailyvoice.com/new-york/eastdutchess/news/14-million-electrical-panels-recalled-due-to-fire-hazards/835901/

Does include service panels used in RV's

The panels were manufactured starting in 2020, they are recalling 1.4 million.  I installed 2 new panels in my garage last year, luckily I used Siemens in the house we built earlier so I stuck with that brand to standardize on spare breakers. 

Can you imagine the cost of this, I doubt they will pay for the labor to swap them out. 

Not sure how long it would take to change one out in an RV, maybe 3-4 hours.  I removed mine as I was troubleshooting a problem I had, not a lot of room to work and/or extra length of wire.  Lots of scapped knuckles and scratches.   

In a house where a service panel is neatly installed and finished I'd say the wall would have to be opened up around it, no telling how long it would take and the cost to have someone do it. 


Really need to read the recall notice to see what the parameters are.  When a recall is announced, if the item is “portable” then you send it back or get your money back. here is a different take.  Company will proved an inspection by a qualified electrician and then replace if defective.  


took a few clicks….here is the straight info.  


As stated above, the CDSC says recall will be 100% covered by company.

with all the disinformation out there, please, in the future, do some due diligence before you post and not jump to conclusions.  It took less than a minute to get the complete story. No formal warning will be issued to you at this time. 



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)))))))))))The recalled circuit breaker boxes were manufactured between February 2020 and January 2022, with date codes between 200561 and 220233. (((((((((((

is this the part we need to understand?   I’m thinking my 2003 Coach is not effected ….

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Unless someone changed out the original panel box to an updated plug on neutral load center (very very unlikely), you would not have this recalled panel box in your coach.  Monaco Coach Corp stopped production well before the recalled plug on neutral Square D QO load center was manufactured.

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